With respect to booking deposits, escorts, like in every other industry, ┬áhave to adapt to the changing market to keep their business model profitable. When I book a restaurant now, I have my credit card handy to guarantee the booking. I simply expect to pay a deposit whenever I reserve a business’s time now. The hospitality business is cut throat and if I am reserving a table, I am potentially stealing from their money pot if I don’t keep my reservation. Someone else might have wanted that same table and that restaurant would have profited.

Deposits are now an essential part of so many industries where time is money, your attendance equals profits and keeping your booking is an essential part of their business model. Your escorts time is money, we reserve our time exclusively for you and we are counting on you to make your booking.

I love the saying “Deposits separate the boys from the men”. A dear escort friend came up with that one and it couldn’t be more truthful. It’s now part of my booking systems (has been for some time) to request a partial payment of some sort. I can almost guess who is a fake booking before I even send my business account details out. Sending a cute mugshot of yourself will not suffice,I don’t care how good looking you are, this is not a dating service. I need you financially invested into our time so I can ensure you value my time as much as I value yours.

Like the hospitality business, the competition is fierce. Fake bookings are not only made from time-wasting clients but escorts who perceive themselves to be your ‘competition’ are also trying to tank your business. It’s sad but true. I request deposits to filter out fake bookings from genuine clients and ensure the time I reserve is for genuine clients only.

If your a genuine client but you have a privacy concern about transferring money, you can always walk into my bank and make a cash deposit. Or express your concern and I will offer an alternate payment options which might be more suitable.

I also understand that requesting payment before you meet me might be scary and I don’t want my clients just paying any random escort without business history. There are scam artists out there, please do your research and ensure you give business to the reputable escorts. I am a safe bet because I have years worth of reviews with Punter Planet and Scarlet Blue showing that I have been in business since 2011. Do you know how much I have invested into my marketing? I wouldn’t put everything on the line for a measly $200 deposit.

To make things crystal clear, I have spent the time creating a T&C for our booking. These are sent before you make any sort of payment. Please ensure you take the time to read this and outline anything you might need further clarification on. I can’t stress enough that I am a reasonable person and will try to come to a fair agreement which suits the both of us.

I really hope you enjoyed my reflection piece on why I have made it part of my business to request deposits.