Discreet Escort Gift Etiquette.

As a discreet escort, I am blessed with many clients who see me as their lover, casual girlfriend or ‘good friend’. My clientele are based on long term arrangements which offer mutual benefit to each other’s life. At this time of year, I am so lucky to receive so many heartfelt messages from clients wishing the very best for the Christmas holidays. I truly feel so appreciated.

But what confuses me at Christmas time is escort social media trends when it comes to gifts. It appears it’s a vagina or penis measuring contest on who gets the best Christmas gift. Or the most Christmas gifts. It appears gifts are the way to decide whether a client is a ‘unicorn’ client or just a plain old regular one. I prefer to not post gifts that are expensive online. In fact, I rarely post gift pictures. But one thing is for certain, I don’t judge my clients on who gives expensive gifts or not.

Spending time with my client is gift enough. As a discreet escort I feel very lucky to do what I do. For me, I encourage men to be men and plan our date. I think men enjoy showing off their chivalry skills. Sometimes my client is not comfortable with date planning and I do it. Sometimes we plan it together. Whatever it is, the booking is a gift enough. Want to give me a gift? Take me on a wonderful date or better yet… Let’s plan a #Kimbercation. That is an awesome gift that will be enjoyed by the two of us… together.

Back to the gift etiquette topic. I am extremely grateful and lucky to say that throughout my escorting career, I have received so many amazing gifts. To many to list but I can point to every single one in my house and recall who gave it to me. If a funny story is attached, I remember it also. I have a very LONG memory as my clients would know…

Some gifts I receive are small but meaningful. It might be a card in the mail or a fridge magnet. Others are stuffed toys, gift vouchers, champagne, perfume, books or experiences. Day spa experiences are always memorable. Some gifts have been for my family, which is just beautiful. I have received very extravagant gifts, but I prefer keep those ones quiet. But the one consistent thing that makes a gift ‘special’ is the thought that went into it. It is not the price of the gift. In my eyes, you are a unicorn client for putting thought into what you do for me.

I do think gift giving is beautiful. I am not discrediting people who enjoy giving or receiving gifts. I feel that everyone does and it should be cherished and appreciated. As a discreet escort I am just sharing my experience with this and my opinion on what is the true meaning behind a gift. It’s my little way to decide who is the ‘unicorn’ client…

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