Life is ironic really, the day I announced on twitter that I was going to write a blog about my reasons to always blur my face, I was rejected by an overseas escort agency because I blur my face. Of course, I sent them a selfie image (with little make up) to show them that I am no Shrek. However, they were adamant that I would need to reveal my face to work for them. Clients prefer this.  Long story short, I won’t be forced into showing my face and I declined the chance to work for them.

I really don’t understand the fascination private escorts have with revealing the face. I have never lost a booking because I blur my face.  My experience is that clients are usually happy to see me and they always say I look ‘better’ than my images. I find this comment funny because I always think ‘ am glad you think I look better without a blurred blob where my face is, Ill place the paper bag in the bin now (Total jokes, but hilarious to think about what the reaction would be if I did proceed to place one on my head). 

My decision to blur my face is purely a numbers game. I have my  escort adverts on Scarlet Blue, Available Angels and Private Girls. I have multiple reviews on Punter Planet with images attached. Add this with my website images and my twitter followers, I may be seen 200 plus times a day by anyone who has the internet. I choose to blur my face as I like to keep my escorting life and my personal life separate. The only people that know what I look like are the people that have spent time with me. The rest have only seen my images online, it’s purely speculation if I happen to bump into them in public. Am I or aren’t I, Kimber Slone.

Now, I am not mortified if I run into clients I have seen in public. I simply go about my business and say nothing. I can recall a client who literally went white when they saw me walking to the local cafe shop in a suburb far away from the city. I am a professional, I said nothing and acted normal. I respect my clients privacy, as I would like the same in return.

What I don’t like, is the thought that people know me (from the massive amount of images online) and I don’t know them (most of my followers have an avatar or an egg image). Until I can see full faced images of ALL the people that view my images online or via twitter, I will not show my face. And the few times I have had issues with people disrespecting my privacy, they have never told the truth about there time as my client in the adult industry. Double standards if you ask me.

Another major reason why I won’t reveal my face is because when I choose to leave the industry, I will leave and no one (except the clients I have seen) would have seen my face.  I can start fresh and move on. Even if I choose to be an escort until retirement, I like to know that my other professional commitments will never be pre-determined because I choose to be an escort.   Images online are forever, I will never reveal my face as I want to be able to keep my part-time escort career and my personal life separate. Always.

Choosing to be an escort is a difficult choice. Choosing to bear all for my escorting persona is just to much for me. It’s a choice I get, and I will hold it with high regard. Some private escorts that are thrown into the public eye don’t get this choice, it’s made for them. I am not about to make a decision I can never undo.