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My favourite way to spend an evening is entertaining you. All of my packages are a fully inclusive girlfriend experience with a little twist of Porn Star!

You will notice that my pricing is very competitive to entice all my clients to treat themselves to my packages. This is my niche and the most popular booking. Even if it is just one time. Go on and treat yourself…..


Unrushed 4 hours | $1500

(Time is split evenly between social/playtime)

I am in love with food, the dining experience and the true meaning behind a dinner date. To me, a dinner date enhances the connection with each other more intimately. Our greatest emotional need is intimacy, it’s as important as food and water. Why not get both needs met by booking a dinner date? Feed the soul with some old school romance, yummy cuisine, laughter and of course…sex.



Available Australia wide by request. Travel fees may apply. Enquire.

Unrushed 6 hours | $2000

I make the perfect companion to accompany you to wherever your heart desires. The opportunities of what we can do are endless and making me cheekily grin as I write my advertorial piece. I can do as much or as little of the planning – or we can plan it together! This package is perfect from someone who wants more than just a dinner date, what you’re after is an experience!


Available Australia wide & Internationally by request. Travel fees are extra.

15 hours: $3500AUD

 Unrushed 24 hours (2 days/1night): $4000AUD

Unrushed 48 Hours (3 days/2nights): $6000AUD

*Longer dates by request.

What’s a Kimbercation? Well, it’s just like a vacation but worlds better! It’s the ultimate way to genuinely connect and enjoy a break from reality. My specialty is companionship and I genuinely love spending time with exploring little wonders with my date.

This is the perfect option for someone craving that well deserved break from the daily grind. Life is about making special memories. Let’s enjoy making that special memory together and reminisce for years to come at how wonderful life is.

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