Being a Brisbane Escort

image kimber slone

I originally created my working persona Kimber Slone while I living on the  Gold Coast.  I grew up on the Gold Coast so I really love the beach lifestyle and the coastal vibes. Being a Gold Coast Escort was fun, it is vastly different to what it’s like working and living in Brisbane for escorting. When I escorted on the Gold Coast my entire lifestyle was a holiday and I just didn’t take my business very seriously, I had a 4 day weekend almost every week and spent most of my time kicking back on the beach, cafe hopping etc. I was definitely a lady of luxury, my luxury was way to much time on my hands.

I have really noticed a different culture while living in Brisbane. I have also noticed how expensive it is to live in Brisbane. Living inner city is very expensive! But i truly can’t put a price on my lifestyle and this is where I enjoy when I am in Brisbane. But Brisbane really does have this working culture going on! They love to work in Brisbane, they get up really early at 5am and go to the gym, run or cycle around the Brisbane river or  before work. Even Saturday, people work! This is so different to the Gold Coast because everyone (including me) really buys into a relaxed lifestyle.

But this Brisbane culture is actually great for my business and I get to be the workaholics treat before, during or after work hours. It’s nice knowing your the person they are looking forward to seeing.

I have noticed that being a Brisbane escort is also great for convenience as I don’t need to travel far for bookings because I only live a few kms from the Brisbane city. But I do miss my lifestyle on the Gold Coast. So if I get a booking request for the Gold Coast I take it in a heart beat as I do love spending time down the Gold Coast. Even though it’s an hour drive, I enjoy travelling down to the coast in the hope I can squeeze in a trip to the beach, shops or a coastal jog.

It’s been almost two years since I relocated permanently to Brisbane, and although I have worked up in Brisbane a lot longer than two years, I still get lost. So my time as a Brisbane escort is spent checking my google maps, listening to my GPS and trying to not get lost (this is quite difficult as I am a typical female and TERRIBLE at reading maps). I also don’t know Brisbane very well, so I do spend a lot of my time chatting to my clients and random strangers about Brisbane’s hot spots, popular suburbs etc etc. Learning about my new home is fun because I get to experience new things. That is always the bonus of living and working in Brisbane as an escort.

I cannot see myself relocating back to the Gold Coast but I do feel like I need to spend more time down the Gold Coast whenever I get the chance. I am keeping my eye out for a Gold Coast Unit to invest in so I can hopefully have more excuses to visit home. So watch this space as I might just have two In Call premises soon….