I  just wanted to share a few insights into why I think private Brisbane escorts are amazing. I am sure there are many beautiful Australian private escorts, but I am just sharing my viewpoint because this is what I have experienced recently.

As most of you know, escorts talk to other escorts. Twitter has made this possible and I have come to know quite a few beautiful escorts through social media channels. In the last few years, I have attended a christmas party which is privately organised for us girls. Now, I can’t nor won’t discuss who attends or where the venue is, this blog is purely to acknowledge how supportive, fun and beautiful the bunch of private Brisbane escorts I met yesterday are.

What I love most about meeting the group of escorts yesterday was that we don’t judge someone on their looks, age or price range like I have heard girls do.  We leave our  alter ego’s at the door and just enjoy the girly catch ups and share our funny stories while we nibble on yummy food and drink champagne. It’s really sweet and you soon realise being a private escort doesn’t have to feel so isolating.

All I can say is thank you ladies for a wonderful day and evening. It is so lovely to see new faces all the time and I equally enjoy seeing familiar faces. I love how diverse the private escort market is, I love seeing women of all shapes, ages and sizes advertise as escorts because it reinforces my believe that their is no definition of beauty. Beauty is just confidence in yourself. And all the ladies that attended looked BEAUTIFUL! Brisbane clients, you are so LUCKY! We really do have are wide variety of amazing private escorts.

I am proud of what I do. But yesterday, I was so proud to be a Brisbane private escort. I was amongst a bunch of confident private escorts all in a room and they all were so accepting, supportive and open towards each other. It’s a credit to every private escort that made the day possible and attended.

Just want to say thanks again ladies. It was an amazing day and I am certainly feeling a little hungover because of all the fun I had yesterday.

Merry Christmas and wishing each and everyone of you a happy new year!


Kimber Slone




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