As a private escort companion, I love when I get invited to spend quality time with my beloved clients. It’s truly a gift in itself as we are creating memories that will last a lifetime. Lot’s a laughs are had and good times are created which enhances our intimate time together.

It’s normal to get nervous, I even get butterflies in my tummy before I meet my date for the first time or the 100th time. I want to impress my date and it’s completely normal if your nervous about meeting your private escort companion too. The nerves are quickly replaced with the feeling of excitement.

As your private escort companion, I am here to organise as much or as little of the time we spend together. If your worried about what we will do together, don’t be as there’s no shortage of ideas on how to spend your date. If you have a budget in mind, I can ensure our date is suitable to your budget. Unlike a traditional date, the pressure is off you to solely organising a date. Unless you want to, and I am completely fine having a gentleman organise our date and surprise me. However, it’s not expected.

On occasion I will even discourage booking anything but the planned date in advance. Why? A lot of the amazing options are weather determined and we should always keep our options open. When it’s suitable, a spur of the moment decision on what we end up doing is the BEST option by far.

Dating your private escort companion is an excellent experience which enhances the time your spend intimately and develops into a special type of client relationship.

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