I think most private escorts can agree that our admin requirements are the hardest part about the job. Forget the freaky sex requests, the mountain of text messages and emails to go through literally bores me to death and sucks my time out of what I thought was my day off. Escort administration tasks are never ending. With this in mind, I haven’t even included the grooming requirements all private escorts undergo to be sexy and ready for our clients.

I only see a few clients a week as I simply cannot handle the admin requirements to work full-time, Brisbane private escorts are not allowed to have an assistant as it’s against the law. So that rules out hiring help to earn more money.

As I write here today, I have a million to do tasks which usually don’t get done. So I am going to use this blog to ask my clients to help me out a little. The following would be so helpful:

  1. Please read my website and check my availability, pricing and packages. I welcome all enquiries and questions on genuine requests.
  2. Please email first and SMS second. Please DO NOT call. I don’t have my work phone on me all the time, this is why I request email as it’s attached to my private phone which is readily available.
  3. Please include your name, city your wanting a booking in, booking duration and which experiences you would like to know about. I have beautifully presented service lists to help make your decision easy.
  4. I offer 1 hour at the minimum. Do not request anything shorter.
  5. If you have any special requests, state them at the time of making a booking. Asking me “Can I make a request?” Always gives me shivers as I always get the craziest requests from this tactic. Just state your requests and I will be able to know whether we are a fit or not in only 1 or 2 messages.
  6. When requested to pay a deposit, include a bank receipt and a reference so i can identify your payment.
  7. I always touch base prior to a booking, so if your point of contact isn’t always monitored, just let me know. I will know to allow additional time for your response. But please, check the day before the booking and the morning of. If you do not respond, I will not be ready for our booking.

All of this is what I need to get through to make a booking with the few gents I see per week. The above hasn’t included the grooming, shopping or travel requirements each booking may require. Escort life isn’t as glamorous as some make out.

As I am only a part-time private escort, I have other professional and personal commitments to juggle on top of my escort work. My time is precious, just like yours. Let’s respect each other in the escort booking process.

I absolutely love the fact that after 7 years of working as a BRISBANE ESCORT, I am lucky to have a very good client base who respect the above. However, I have noticed that from time to time I need to refresh my client’s memories on how to make a booking with a Brisbane private escort. Keep in mind Brisbane, all private escorts in Queensland are not allowed to hire an assistant, so it’s something we need to juggle amongst our other commitments.