I consider myself very lucky to be able to a Queensland escort. In , it is great to be a Queensland escort because of the lifestyle and freedom I have. It’s not for everyone as the negatives do exist. Being a Queensland escort  in Brisbane and the Gold Coast  rewards me with a good income, flexible hours and I have the freedom to spend time on other projects and loved ones. I am grateful the positives overpower the negativity of the escort industry.

In the past year I have met even more amazing clients. I always thought I had the best clients, well they just keep getting better! When I get a beautiful enquiry or gesture via text or email, I am just so happy all day. Being an escort has really been a very rewarding part of my life. My client’s are also teaching me so much, I am learning to appreciate more of my wonderful life every single day. Which is great! Below is what I have learnt so far….

Everyone has a journey of their own; Life transitions are hard for everyone. 

In my line of work I meet all types of people. But for some reason I attract a lot of clients that are going through a life transition. Be it a major weight loss, job change, new discovery of sexual desires, health scare, birth of a newborn baby, death of a loved one, relationship status change or whatever. They are embarking on new unchartered territory and I am lucky enough to spend time with these inspiring people. They inspire me to be a better person and I am so grateful for that. More often than not, I leave a booking and I always assess myself as a person to see where I can improve in a particular part of my life. We are all growing, transitions are handwork but they are certainly worth the effort they take. Being apart of other people’s transitions is fantastic for me as I get to grow as a person and escort.

All relationships take work. 

My clients are married, separated, De facto and single. I also get the ‘It’s complicated’ type as well. I relish in hearing about people’s relationships and how they work things out etc. The bottom line is every single relationship takes work from both parties and a hell of a lot of compromise and understanding. Trust is a huge part too. Romance is so important. It’s funny as my regular clients are like friends/lovers in a way, and I often find myself having to embark in ‘relationship’ type discussions even though I am certainly not their girlfriend!  It’s natural that longer arrangements might require more of my time and energy, which I am happy to provide because the best part about any relationship is the feeling of being able to rely on someone to be there for you and being appreciated.

Enjoy the Journey of life;

I am a very motivated person always striving for goals. This is great, but I often miss out on enjoying the journey as I have set myself a massive goal and what I am currently working on feels irrelevant to what I want to be working on. Well guess what? Without the little steps, you can’t get to the bigger steps. Enjoying the journey of life is so important as everything you do counts towards your goals. It also makes you a happier person, and happy people are prosperous people in all parts of their life.

I will continue to follow on with this little piece in the future. This is just something I wanted to share with my clients while I had a spare moment before I begin working on something I have been working on for 8 years so far xx

I love being a Brisbane escort and a Gold Coast escort. It really does make for a wonderful life.