I don’t recall a single ex of mine that hasn’t wanted to rekindle our physical connection at some point. 

After 12 years of escorting, I am always opening my door to welcome back long lost clients/lovers for bookings. To me this feels like a trip down memory lane! 

But it got me thinking…. What is it about sex with an Ex that has men always returning back? So many movies and TV shows highlight this very storyline. What is it that is just so damn alluring about an ex lover? 

I think my exes are drawn to my fiery passionate zest for life. Actually I don’t think, I know they are. I have made a living off my sexuality so I can’t blame them. 

I know some clients have expressed that it feels familiar, comforting and safe to return to me than find someone new. The familiarity we shared exists forever. The sexual energy between us is forever and ever. Time past but that never leaves two souls. 

Whatever it is, ex sex is better than average sex (according to Maxim). This is because of the sexual neuro chemicals released from an attachment. Since the attachment is already there, the orgasms are better with an ex. 

So which one of my old lovers/clients is returning to test out if the science is true? 

If you’re on the fence about returning as a client, please contact me as I now offer virtual bookings to get a teaser. You might have  even been the one that popped into my mind while writing this blog! I know I have many fond memories as you would too. 


If you’re interested in finding out more on what it’s like to be intimate with me, please read my reviews on Scarlet BlueIvy Societe and Punter Planet. Another option is to just dive in and make that booking.