An Ex recently said that I have always been a very intimidating woman because I am so comfortable alone. He admitted he wasn’t.

I reflected on this and he was right; I am not only comfortable being alone, I prefer it. I find relationships full of compromises and hard work. I have no issues rejecting any type of relationship that no longer suits me. I am also very intentional with whatever it is I am investing my time into and I just don’t see the point in dating for ‘fun’. My standards are high but I give a lot back in return and I know it.

I am in an interesting phase; I have officially outgrown being attracted to the aloof avoidant male types but not quite ready for the relationship I know I want next. That is because right now I feel my best when my time is being spent on myself, my children, my career, friendships and creating MY dream life.

The thing about choosing to be single means is I do decline dates and often. But instead of leaving it at that; I have begun informing the gentleman asking me out that they can enquire about a professional dates with me instead. I have always preferred work dates over traditional dating because the boundaries are clear and we each know what the other wants. It’s a clear exchange. No games.

Life as a professional girlfriend is much the same as your real life girlfriend EXCEPT my dates are on their best behaviour. If they are not, I have no issues pulling the reigns in and setting my boundaries. I don’t have to take on any of their baggage or shitty behaviour. It really is the only situation I have ever encountered where I get to have my cake and eat it too. My dates are very grateful to skip the ‘tinder’ line up and have a hot date that delivers with genuine no strings attached fun.

Pay or be paid! Sex and money have been equal exchange for centuries and is not ending anytime soon. Single by choice doesn’t have to mean sexless if you don’t want it too.

If you’re interested in finding out more on what it’s like to be intimate with me, please read my reviews on Scarlet BlueIvy Societe and Punter Planet. Another option is to just dive in and make that booking.