It’s been a while now since I wrote a blog about my escort world. There has been so much change in the escorting industry that it’s difficult to have time to reflect on what’s happening or where this industry is headed etc.

There is one thing that remains the same for me and that’s my ability to see how valuable time really is. As an escort companion, I am often faced with choices on how to invest my time. If you want to know the true meaning of time, work for yourself in a commission based role. You will soon become a savvy on how to maximise your time. But there are plenty that won’t and will become so lost in their job, they won’t even know how they ended up where they are. I have always said escorting is a double edged sword and it is so prevalent on how one chooses to spend their time.

As a reputable Brisbane escort, I have managed to invest my money and time into things that make my life wonderful to me. I keep my work phone on a tight leash to ensure it doesn’t rule my life because it has the power to rule me. Below are a few tips to ensure you’re afforded every opportunity to have a happy work/life balance.

My must do tips are:

  1. Take deposits for appointments. No exceptions.
  2. Schedule in your ME time. Be it with friends, family or yourself. It’s valuable. And don’t cancel it for a last-minute booking
  3. Have a work system and don’t spend your life on social media or replying to messages.
  4. Learn to say No. Not every client is for you. Pick clients wisely.

I want all new escorts and any escort struggling with the demands of our work to know this. You will still have work if you implement booking standards. In fact, you will likely upgrade your client base to better gents by respecting your time because you will naturally be better at your job.

Client’s, if you’re reading this. Take a moment to reflect to see how you are betraying yourself to escorts. You might be missing out on some amazing experiences as a result of how you approach this industry. Escorts should be an amazing treat you look forward too, book it in, savour the time we spend together. I know I certainly do….

This blog was prompted by a gentleman that has emailed me over a dozen times for last-minute bookings in the past month.  I have no issues with same day bookings or weekend bookings when I am available. BUT, I am rarely available between personal plans or professional commitments on short notice. We finally agreed on a suitable time. However, as soon as I sent my T&C’s and payment information, he said “Oh, I don’t pay deposits”. What has he shown me throughout the entire enquiry phase even though he’s polite enough via email? This man has very little respect for time and is likely to disrespect my time and cancel. He probably thought he was smart by enquiring last-minute thinking he would side step the deposit. Yep, I get all that from your behaviour in the enquiry phase because it’s been proven with past client behaviour.

I am sharing this more for your gain than mine. I will always have my standards as I learnt a long time ago that my time is more valuable than the income I earn. I must spend it wisely in order to generate long term income.