This is a question I get when I share my professional qualifications in bookings. People wonder why I choose to escort and not hop back on that corporate ladder. My career options earn as much (if not more) than escorting does. I don’t escort for the money; I escort for the intrinsic value the industry provides. Keep reading to find out what I value. 

I am a mother and escorting allows me to work around the times I have my young children. When I have my children, I can prioritise my most important responsibility which is being their mother. When I am full-time in my career, I live and breathe that role 50+ hours a week. While I have never accepted a job that doesn’t allow for some flexibility, I am realistic in my expectations. I also want to be the best and I become overly passionate/obsessive. I know I am like this and right now, I want to prioritise my young children. 

Right now, my other priority is personal development and self improvement. I am working towards new goals which require a time investment into myself. Escorting gives me an abundance of time around my bookings to focus on my personal goals. Time is the golden ticket for self improvement and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to do this.

Escorting is like a crash course on human behaviour. Men and couples who see escorts are interesting creatures and I am fascinated by their stories. Escorting gives me exposure to humans from all walks of life and I can’t think of a better way to learn about our society. I am BIG on learning and I love that each booking is part of my learning journey. Ironically, understanding human behaviour and reading a room is a huge X factor in the corporate world. It’s all training! 

The adult industry is not much different to other industries. It has its ups and downs partly caused by government decisions or giant corporate companies like Google and Apple changing the ‘rules’. What I get out of this industry is a crash course on self-acceptance. Choosing this industry goes against the grain and it takes guts to thrive in that environment. Ultimately, I owe the industry for my thick skin and ability to pivot through life challenges. 

I also love how caring my clients are and this is what I need in my life. It is a beautiful relationship and I appreciate my clients. My love languages are equal between all 5 (physical touch, quality time, acts of service, quality time & affirmation). I believe that being an escort compliments my love languages as it makes me a suitable partner for most as you already meet my need cause I see the payment as a gift. Escorting gives me so much more than the agreed fee. While my fee is non-negotiable, it is only part of the joy that my clients provide to my world

At this stage, I am escorting full-time for the first time ever. For how long? Who knows. What I do know is that if you’re wanting to see me, now is your time. When I do invest back into my other career, I will only be seeing regular clients. Hot tip; you want to see me now to be on that list! I prioritise those to support/prioritise me. 

If you’re interested in finding out more on what it’s like to be intimate with me, please read my reviews on Scarlet BlueIvy Societe and Punter Planet. Another option is to just dive in and make that booking.