Kimber Slone Brisbane Escort

About Me

My past experience has taught me that the type of client who reads the ‘about me’ is looking for something genuine. 

Sure, Kimber is not my real name but that’s as fake as it gets. My niche (if you can call it that) is being completely comfortable and confident with who I am so you can relax and we can get to know each other on an intimate level. One that is more girlfriend than escort. I find this is why I am so well suited to dinner dates, overnights and weekend bookings. 

Without sharing personal details, I have a whole life outside of escorting and I do think that is what makes spending time with me interesting. One thing you need to know is that I choose to be an escort, I don’t have to. Just like you, I like to live a life outside of society’s rules so I can create memories others can only dream of. I often say ‘Kimber’ is the ying to my yang. Maybe she can be yours too? 

If my advert has sparked your interest then you need to introduce yourself via email. You can only contact me via email as I don’t carry a ‘bat’ phone around. I also only make time for a few clients a month at most. So it is absolutely essential that we plan our date in advance. Just FYI – I accept dates from gentlemen or couples who respect my privacy, are discreet and respectful. 


When you book me, you’re getting an all-inclusive experience. I do not have a tiered service or extras. You choose the time and type of date you’re after and let the rest naturally unfold. The upside and downside is I I only take 1 booking a week, dates are limited and priority is given to longer dates.

The Fling

Your all-inclusive naughty girlfriend experience. This is designed to satisfy that urge. Think uninhibited animalistic sexual chemistry. I do not charge extras or have a tiered experience; I do what I feel comfortable with (which is a lot) and what organically flows from our natural chemistry. Nothing is staged.  Availability is limited. 

2 hr | $1200

50 Shades of Kimber

Are you looking to try something different? My Bondassage  infuses light bondage, sensual touch, erotic massage and naughty GFE into one orgasmic experience. I will stay within the realms of your comfort levels but also encourage you to explore new things too. Enquire now.

2 hr | $1300

Dinner Date

Do you crave an emotional connection? One of the best ways to build a genuine connection is with an old-fashioned dinner date. I am a people’s person and find it easy to talk the night away. Our time is split evenly between dinner and bedroom.

3hr | $1400

4hr | $1700

5hr | $2000

8hr | $3000


Want to live out your fantasy and try something different with your partner in a safe space? When you invite me into your relationship, I stay within the boundaries that you are comfortable with.  That is different for everyone because there is no perfect way to have a threesome. Please contact me to discuss.

90min |  $1200

2hr  |  $1500


What’s a kimbercation? It’s a vacation from your real world but with me in it. This is my speciality as I feel completely comfortable to be myself and enjoy life being your girlfriend. You can even invite me on your next business trip, I would love to turn business into pleasure for you. I am sure you work hard enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor a little right?  Even if it’s only just for a fleeting moment.

14hr |  $4000

24hr |  $5000

48hr |  $7000

Request a Date

When requesting a booking please include the following details.




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Booking location – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, other.

Message (please include a brief intro of yourself).

For all bookings or questions, I require you to contact me by my email Please note, I am email only and if you need me to phone, please provide your number and I will call on a private number.