I have been lucky enough to spend time with Kimber on various types of bookings and have been able to enjoy wonderful and amazing experiences including our special Kimbercation holidays away.

When Kimber spoke to me about her interest in undertaking a Bondassage training course I was very interested to see why she was so enthusiastic and excited. Now my life and world has been expanded by having time to spend with Kimber regularly in my life and I could not think of anyone else to enjoy new experiences with.

When we met for an extended booking in Brisbane, this time was a little different normally I am very relaxed and comfortable with all our dates as it has been few years together. This time was a little different it wasn’t like it was our first time that was a very nervous day but there was some difference that night as Kimber and I agreed to undertake a Bondassage booking before our lovely dinner date. The benefits of an extended booking it that it allows you to enjoy the pleasure of Kimber’s company in different situations and there is never any rush.

We met at the Hotel and once we entered the room, Kimber had her suitcase and asked me to go have a shower and let her setup. After the shower she made me feel very comfortable and she had a sexy black body suit she always surprises me. She positioned me on the bed and then darkness the eye mask was placed on me and was seductively tied up and position on my stomach. It was time.

The next nearly 2 hours was a wonderful time and very new experience for me but also for both Kimber and I but the one thing was constant through all our bookings while this was new I felt completely at peace with her and comfortable under her control. I will not go into detail as every booking is different and every piece of her equipment will not be used in each booking however what I can say it was a time of pure bliss, so sexy and a journey of pleasure. The soft touch and oil at the start just brought me to a constant state of arousal that continued all the way through the bondassage. Let’s just say new experiences were undertaken and a little advice just surrender your mind as well as your body. There is something said for a beautiful woman concentrating all of her body, mind and aura on ensuring that you are the only one is in her world during that time. It was intimate and a wonderful time.

After it was finished there was some time chatting about our time, while there is a little extra clean up after the massage it was quick, and I didn’t really notice as I was trying to come down from the heights of our time together. We showered and then got ready for our dinner and I was absolutely famished and had a wonderful quick meal and then enjoyed a movie before calling it a night.

Now I have the wonderful experience to enjoy another 2 bondassage sessions with Kimber one on a Kimbercation one without Oil and then a full body oil massage (certainly one of my favourites). They are all very different experiences and equally enjoyable with Kimber. I entirely recommend that you spend time with Kimber and enjoy a Bondassage session as always, she is very accommodating and as I said it is totally about you.

As I write this I think about our next booking and Kimbercation, there will be no bondassage session only because this time I want to enjoy those other times where it is just us and I get to see her in all her beauty, those eyes and seductive lips during our time in the bedroom. Also, I think I definitely owe her a massage this time, so it will just like any time we spend together amazing and so memorable. You think after this time you lose some of our memories together, but they are all etched in the back of my mind and the most special part of them is that have all been with Kimber such a special, amazing, adventurous and fun women. I can’t wait to continue our Bondassage journey but more important just enjoying our time that we are lucky enough to spend together. Xxx



 Well what can I say. I have had the good fortune to spend and amazing evering with Kimber Slone. It has  been 48 hours and I am still lost for workds and a little tonge tide. Ms Kimber Slone was the first escort I contacted and I was lucky enough to be able obtain a booking. However, at the first time I viewed of Ms Slone’s profile I overlooked her due to her age. I was looking for someone closer to my age but after reading other blogs, websites and Kimber’s tweeter feed, Ms Slone won my admiration. And I am glad she did.

After reading the below reviews, I was under the assumption that Ms Slone would have a hard time meeting my expectations. How wrong was I, our first contact was friendly and not the forth right business communication which I was expecting. Plus the greeting in the foyer of my hotel held more warmth than I expected, it was like meeting a life time friend, to the end of the evening, Ms Kimber Slone continued to amaze me.

After I woke from my dream (it must been a dream) I reread the reviews and they do not tell the whole story, why because they have limited themselves to the English language. So how about the language of love French (Magnifique, Beau) no let’s try Italian for passion as (Sfarzoso, Bellissimo) no luck there either. Greek maybe after all they gave us the gods and Ms Slone can only be Aphrodite personified (Poli Omorfi, Cally) Sorry there are no words describe Ms Kimber Slone, words do not do her justice.

I was going to rate my experience a 9.8 out of 10 because Kimber laughed at my use of chopsticks. However I actually like the fact that I was challenged do better.

If you are chasing as quick physical release Kimber will not disappoint. However, in my opinion you will be selling yourself short of an exceptional experience available in any of her packages.

Let me warn you now though, Kimber is as addictive as Ice but in a good way. What I mean is Ice destroys your soul, Kimber will nourish you and let your soul blossom, making you a feel like a better person. 


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kimber many times mainly dinner bookings and overnighters over the last few months. What led me to her was firstly a recommendation from fellow WL and also her blog which really hit a chord to me as I was searching for more than just a random encounter it was someone to ensure that I could enjoy life’s pleasures with.

I still remember the first time we met for an afternoon booking, how nervous I was waiting until I finally met her. When she opened the door, the beautiful smile and wonderful eyes were all that I could focus on – with a gentle welcome kiss I thought maybe this was someone to start a new adventure in my life, this was a women that I would be seeing in the future.

Kimber is a wonderful kisser, you are mesmerized in the experience and always leads to a wonderful caress and entanglement of our bodies and those special moments that some people can only imagine. The details are between us as is only respectful for such a special women however she is by far the most intimate sexual experience that I have experienced due to the warmth she shows and those eyes that I never want to stop staring into during our time together. Every time we meet it is never the same routine it is spontaneous which is so refreshing and the anticipation is that boost of life that everyone needs in a date. What is constant is the biggest smile you have on your face when you leave knowing it won’t be too much longer until we meet again.

However this is only a fraction of who Kimber is – she is an intelligent person who engages in great conversations, but more importantly it is her spirit for life and fun that allows you to enjoy yourself every minute you spend with her. During a recent trip, we went for a stroll along the harbor after a wonderful dinner, (Kimber is a genuine foody which is enlightening for me, allow her to order and just enjoy the evening and a magnificent dining experience while most diners are jealous of the sexy women across from you) it was a lovely end to the night, however she always look for more on our dates. It was a quite night, but heard some music and who wouldn’t want to dance with her and took the lift up. Unfortunately for us, we turned the corner and nearly crashed a private wedding – ‘Wedding Crashers Part 2’ we quickly turned around and headed off laughing and chatting back to the Hotel. You never know if you never ever go, this sense of enjoying life is definitely a special quality Ms. Kimber has and she is genuine in her desire to ensure that you are having a fantastic time.

We have many more plans in the future and I look forward to each and every date and our trips and just hope that I can ensure that she is having as good a time as she has provided myself. Being a regular client I would recommend her always only if you are open minded, caring, respectful and kind as she is my one of a kind.

Would I ever see someone else in the future? Well maybe if the unthinkable happens and she is no longer working, but if that’s not the case it would only be if Kimber is standing by my side. Something that has happened once and was amazing but unfortunately those are our memories. Until our next date xxx


Earlier this year I had the pleasure to of spending a couple of hours of absolute bliss with the beautiful Kimber while in Melbourne for work. In the weeks following, we exchanged various emails and I arranged to meet her again while in Melbourne late July. With the memories of our first encounter still very vivid in my mind I was keen to have a longer session with her this time. I initially thought of an extended dinner date one evening, but posed the question to Kimber on what she thought we should do, we very quickly settled on an overnight escape. I had not had this experience before, but seeing as how birthday was coming up I thought what better way to celebrate it, and I certainly was not disappointed.

The arrangements had been made a few weeks before travelling to Melbourne and it seemed to take an eternity for the day to finally arrive. I had arranged for Kimber to fly to Melbourne and I would meet her at the hotel, whereby we would spend time getting reacquainted before heading out for dinner. I am not one to go into the detail of the session, but can say that the appetisers experienced in both the lounge room and bedroom of my hotel room were sensational with both of us exploring each others bodies and working up an appetite for dinner.

Having showered together and agreeing on suitable attire to wear to dinner (remembering it is winter in Melbourne), with Kimber showing off her fantastic body in a black figure hugging dress with fishnet stockings, it was off to the restaurant. We had a fabulous time talking about all sorts of topics while sharing oysters, beautiful wine and other seafood dishes. Very soon we were both keen to head back to the hotel for dessert, and how sweet that was….. enjoying mutual oral and various positions while taking in the view of Melbourne through the hotel window. Eventually we both agreed it was time for some sleep, I was delighted to find out that Kimber loves cuddles and so we spent much of the night snuggled up together.

Kimber had mentioned that she had a surprise install for me in the morning and had dropped a few subtle hints as to what it may be during the evening. Upon awaking from a great sleep with the beautiful Kimber close to me, I soon found out what the surprise was. Her hands were very quickly finding there way over my body and down to my raging hard on, she continued to explore my body with her hands, only to quickly follow with those luscious lips and lets just say the rest is history…….

Having satisfied our sexual desires in the morning, it was time to refuel the body with a beautiful breakfast in bed followed by cuddles and brief sleep. After checking out of the hotel we wondered off and spent time together chatting over coffee, before Kimber showed off some of her other talents by offering to be my fashion advisor as we proceeded to buy a new wardrode for myself.

As I look back, I still have a large smile on my face as I reflect on the perfect escape from reality into paradise with the beautiful Kimber. My mind is already thinking about what the next adventure may hold for me.
Sup Riders


Very recently, I have had the pleasure of spending time with the beautiful Kimber Slone. I previously had not heard of this fair lady until some time earlier this year her PP ad was up and thought OMG she is HOT!!! (well at least I assumed her to be one fine looking babe judging from the photos :lol:) and decided if the stars ever aligned, I definitely would love to see her… Surely enough, an opportunity presented itself when she announced her Adelaide tour weeks in advance which gave me ample time to arrange my schedules etc and eventually contacted Miss Slone and penned a nice dinner date with her. Was very lucky to organise that date with her and happy she was flexible in being able to sort out a date and time (which got adjusted, again she was very accommodating)

So onto the night of our date… I head to the place she was staying, and ordered a coffee given I was a tad early and took a seat fairly close to the entrance. Kimber had indicated to me earlier how she was going to dress and that I definitely couldn’t miss her… In good time, out comes a lady walking to the lounge area as described (my instincts tell me its her!!!).

OMG! WOW! She’s gorgeous!!! She was wearing a black jacket, a black top of sorts, a red skirt and in heels. She walks and waves to me, but how did she know it was me!? Simple, I also told her what I was going to wear and where I would sit 😆 I’m greeted with a kiss from the lovely Kimber and we make our way to dinner which was a bit of a short walk from the hotel.

Upon arrival, we managed to find a nice fairly discreet spot in the Japanese restaurant we booked and had a nice lengthy discussion talking about things… and stuff. Her inquisitive side was somewhat amusing for me, as she asked me how I managed to find her etc to which I replied I’m a member of a certain forum… 😆 She guessed with ease and eventually told her my online ID. Funnily enough she recalled this little beauty where I was being a bit of a smarty pants when I had already made a booking with her although she didnt know who I was then hahaha

In addition, I also got to see her cheeky side, when she asked the waitress to get me a sex on the beach, hahaha funny girl! Interestingly enough, the waitress complied, unfortunately it wasn’t to be as we gathered the waitress was probably thinking we were taking the piss out of the order… but we weren’t… really. So we settled for a couple of cocktails and continued our lovely chat as well “om noming” on the delicious sushi/sashimi/wagyu. Due to our nice seating arrangement, I also got to enjoy footsies with Kimber as well as some nice little things between me and her… Ah what a time to be alive! 😀

As dinner finished, we start to make our way back… and hello, there was a place that piqued Kimber’s interest! There was a gentleman’s club on the way back to the hotel and Kimber wanted to go. So we decided to head there and chill out, check out the chicks on stage and enjoy a drink… wow… that was the first time I was accompanied by a lady to a strip joint, how cool!

After we enjoyed our side entertainment, it was time to go back and have our own little fun away from the world. So on our way we go, head back into the lift and thought to myself, “hmmm would I be able to steal a kiss???” Kiss we did. YES! Into Kimber’s room, we do our freshen up and prep respectively. By now, I walk out of the bathroom, with towel wrapped around and Kimber is waiting for me on the bed… That moment when I saw her laying there waiting for me… oh my heavens…

Kimber was in her sexy lingerie… her hair let down… it was almost as if she was a completely different person, but it was her alright. She was already impressive when I first gazed eyes upon her, but this time, she was even more so… That image has burnt nicely into my memory, I’m not forgetting that :wub: Gazing upon me, she asks me to come over, and laying next to her, I gaze upon all her beauty… my eyes still focused on hers, we slowly display our affections and intimacy, I feel her breathing softly and enjoy the taste of her incredibly soft yet sweet lips. Not only that, I got to enjoy her big soft bust… licking and sucking away at her breasts… my, I had entered the valley of the gods.

We continued to make out very lovingly, her gaze still upon me, I can’t believe how lucky I’m feeling… We continued our affections and caressing and in time, Kimber felt it was time to please me further. My hardened, raging member was soon introduced to the warm, wet soft tongue of Kimber’s… fucking hell the feeling was amazing. My balls and shaft was sucked and licked, it pulsated further with each lewd noise she made… soon enough it was my turn to please her. I have my way and start to enjoy the sweet smell and taste of her pussy and lick away gently… I spent a nice amount of time appreciating her away, watching her writhe pleasurably and in due time, she reaches her climax… Now it was time for a banging, on goes the dom, and Kimber rides me wildly, looking at me intently, fuck she feels so good. She continues to ride on top of me, I continue to enjoy the soft touch of her lips and make out with Kimber, not to mention her generous tits. Shortly after we switch over to a missionary and proceed to thrust away and get lost in the moment… We feel each other’s heavy breathing and continued our intimacy and affections, things were starting to heat up now and we go over to doggy and continue my pounding away whilst I grab her nice soft peachy ass… We continue at it for a nice little while, at some point I thought I was going to climax, but for fuck sakes, my lower body felt hammered from the gym sessions prior to the date and subsequently I could not thrust anymore…

We changed spots and Kimber blows me again and proceeds to tease me further with words and her actions for a nice moment until she sensed that I was about to cum and continued milking me until my raging member erupted whilst she kept at it until most if not all got released… far out, that was a toe curling experience… she had me so good, I was in some shock as I’m not an easy cummer… props to her for that one. We clean up, have a short break, and enjoyed each other’s company with a nice snuggle and spoon. Aww she’s such a sweetie :wub: In our break, we continue our gazing, teasing, affections whilst I catch my breath… she really got me good haha.

During that break, for some reason we felt like dessert, so we take advantage of room service and organise for some desserts to be prepared which was going to take a little while. During that time, we continued to make out lovingly and teasingly and Kimber goes to blow me again once more. Oh my, she does not quit, my hard member sure enjoyed her oral assaults, and in time made me cum again… she has definitely got my number here. Not long after dessert arrive, and we enjoy some hot sticky date pudding and creme brulee. It was a nice way to end our hot and heavy session. We continued having our conversations/ having dessert, and at some point, time was drawing to a close. I quickly freshen up in the showers again and dress up. It was time to bid each other farewell with a kiss, and then another, and another… and one more :wub: and I venture off into the night… wanting more but glad I enjoyed my fleeting time with this incredible woman.

Ahhh Kimber dear, thank you for a super duper awesome date! I had so much fun being in your company and appreciate how cool, honest, amazing, beautiful you really are… (I really dont have the words to describe how awesome you are haha).

For the time I spent with you, I sure as heck was the luckiest guy out there. Until the stars align again milady… 😉

Thanks for Reading!


I know Ii have been naughty,but i can explain, its not my fault, see Kimber let me know she had returned and i was powerless to resist her charms to see her once again,and before you could recite the “The 12 Days of Christmas” 12 times backwards,she was at my door,again not my fault !

Now Santa, Kimber does not just make an entrance,she transcends space time,(a bit like your good self tonight, I expect). Geez she was looking fantastic,tanned ,toned and terrific ! in a pink mini dress and not much else i might add ! that beaming smile and vivacious personality , and ever before a word was spoken,she was in for a passionate yet soft kiss.

After a bit of a catch up, Kimber headed to the bedroom, making sure to stay a few paces behind to admire this gorgeous specimen of the female form,or course she knew this and would look around with a big cheeky smile.

Now Santa,Kimber could draw a crowd getting out of a sleeping bag, so imagine the state I was in when she started removing said ‘pink mini dress’,more very passionate kissing and groping did ensue i admit.

Now Santa no offence to ‘Mrs Clause’ as I’m sure she has a millennia of experience,but to see Kimber impalled on your frigid * sorry* rigid ‘south pole’, looking up at you with those puppy dog eyes, you never know whether she is going to eat you alive or f**k you to death,(not neccesarily in that order) but i doubt you will care by then and give away that ‘Santa” gig.

Then she climbed aboard for the ‘trifecta’and with that generous bosum caressing my chest,more passionate (relentless almost),i had to slow things down and switched ,all was going well until she reached for what looked like a clothes peg with a flashing light (W.T.F),well Santa ,I had no hope of lasting much longer ,but she did continue her self gratification,in the throw of ecstacy,i did not whether to join in or call an ambulance.

So Santa,it wasn’t all my fault,i was led astray,like ‘Adam’ in the garden of Eden,so if you could see you way for Christmas,could i please have : a jack in the box. *no*,a box of kimbers,*no too much*,Kimber in a box,*yes, that’s what I mean*.

Ho ! Ho ! Ho !



I had the pleasure of visiting Kimber in Sydney last week. This wasn’t my first time meeting Kimber but to my disappointment she didn’t remember me and greeted me like I was a stranger. Not that her greeting was anything to be concerned about as within minutes she was sitting on my lap wearing nothing but her beautiful lingerie! In her defence, it was a few years ago since I had last seen her so I decided to play along with her and see how long it would take before she remembered. We continued on with quickly figuring out the booking formalities so the playtime could begin.

I like to keep what we shared private as I don’t like to go into the details. You can read her other reviews and I can confirm that she delivers in spades. She loves kissing and really enjoys herself. She is sensual, passionate and playful and has an amazing and friendly personality to match that amazing body!!

I did find it funny though that half way through our booking she suddenly turned to me and said “I have met you before”. She remembered exactly where and when without me prompting her. I give her 10/10 for this although I would like to believe it was my bedroom skills that were imprinted in her memory (ha ha). I wasn’t forgotten after all!

We had a wonderful afternoon together and It was an absolute pleasure spending an afternoon with Kimber while she visited Sydney. I hope she comes back regularly so we can play again – but this time she owes me what we both completely forgot to do. She knows what I am talking about. I would advise anybody else wanting to see her when she visits again to get a booking fast as I might just book her out for her whole tour.