Some of you may be a little intrigued by my newest experience available. Others are a little scared. Both reactions are perfectly warranted. After all, I have never even offered BDSM or anything of the sort, that has never been my escorting market.

Bondassage is something that I have always wanted to provide after experiencing it for myself and earlier this year I bought this as a gift to my working persona ‘Kimber’.

Since completing my bondassage studies and offering this experience, I am aware that there are alot of ‘myths’ about bondassage. I want to use this post to put dispel a few of them today.

1. Bondassage is like BDSM or painful

I think this rumour was created because the experience can contain an element of bondage. But not all bondage is painful or sadistic. Well, I can only speak for my style and I am definitely a sensual lover. A bondassage experience with me is definitely not painful (unless you like a little pain) and I can’t even cater to clients who want serious pain as I don’t have the stomach for it.


2. Bondassage is not intimate or mutually satisfying

It always makes me giggle (in a good way) when I hear that this is someone’s concern. A lot of my clients recieve pleasure by giving pleasure and they think this type of experience must not be enjoyable for me if they’re just lying there lapping up all the attention.

My bondassage style is intuitive and sensual. I use my entire mind, body and soul to connect with yours. Its like a sexual hypnotic trance for me as I also get great joy from watching your body quiver from absolute sexual pleasure, its pure bliss.


3. Bondassage is just an erotic massage

I love it when people say this. That’s like saying there is no different between Asain and asian fusion cuisine. Oh there is a difference! I might use massage techniques to connect my body to yours in my bondassage session, I am also using contraptions to tease your entire body. Think of bondassage as foreplay on steroids.


So there you have it. A few of the ‘bondassage myths’ put to bed. The beauty of bondassage is that it can be tailored to your desires. The only condition I have is it is a 2 hour minimum booking due to the significant preparation time and clean up. Plus I don’t like to be rushed during this experience and find hour bondassage bookings to rushed.