I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend quality time with my clients more often than not. I love being a Dinner Date Brisbane escort, especially since I am a foodie.

However, I want to point out that my dates aren’t all luxury and fine dining experiences. The word ‘dinner date’ can be swapped with date experiences. I certainly love fine dining dates but going somewhere casual and enjoying a night out with my client is equally as enjoyable.

Some of the things I have done with my clients who aren’t really into fine dining is catch a ferry around the Brisbane city only to arrive at my favourite local Italian restaurants. This was really enjoyable to watch the sunset on the ferry and walk through the night markets and marvel at all the hand made creations.

I have also spent the day at Noosa beach recently, that was a beautiful way to spend our date because I really do love the salty beach and sand. I might be a Brisbane escort, but I am always a Gold Coast escort at heart. My first love was the beach. And how can an escort not be happy when she gets to turn up to a booking in just bikini’s – I felt like I was getting ready for my weekend as this is how I drive up the coast or down the coast for my Sunday beach swim.

But one date that I LOVED was a trip to Movie World theme park. Not only did my client and I enjoy an indulgent ice-cream and enjoyed the shows. We were brave enough to go on the rollercoasters! It was a really great date with many amazing memories.

See, a dinner date escort is really just a companion. When my dinner dates offer 6 hours of time to allocate doing something you want, we can literally  do almost anything.  So if you feel like you need someone special to spend a day or night with, a companion escort package might be what your looking for. Please feel free to touch base anytime and discuss what you like/dislike and I am happy to plan our date. I have plenty ideas that would suit both our interests.