The adult industry has changed the way I view ‘judgments’ in general. I have experienced it all and I am at a point in my life now where it doesn’t bother me. 

It has taken work but I am completely comfortable with what I do and my life choices because they are in line with my values. My heart fills with kindness when I experience judgment now because I know something about me has triggered pain within them. 

That hurt could be that they are hurting or their insecurities are heightened by my self acceptance. I often find it is that they would like to live their life differently too but they’re afraid too. Sometimes their childhood memories include criticism and they just haven’t accepted themselves. Whatever their reasons are for their judgements is irrelevant because I am no longer offended. Instead, I want to hug them with all the love and compassion I have to offer. Kindness is free. 

I wanted to write that it’s okay to dislike escorts but I challenge anyone who does to ask yourself why that is so. It is one thing to say you wouldn’t escort for (insert your reason) but it’s another thing when you dislike someone else comfortable providing a needed service. Your job doesn’t define your worth, why would mine? 

Escorting is a completely natural exchange of human needs. Humans need love, physical touch and companionship. When there is a need, there is demand for business. That demand has lasted for centuries and will be around far longer than you and I. 

Let’s just remember that not everyone wants to or is lucky enough to swipe right on an app to get their needs met. The clients I see are the kindest individuals who appreciate what I provide. Yes my time is a ‘paid’ affair but that’s why it’s great; the agreement between two Individuals is transparent.

Women who pass judgement just amaze me.  Women need to stop tearing other women down to make themselves feel better. We have to support each other and realise we’re stronger together. 

It is even more shocking when a mother throws shade on escorts. When a mum says that they would do anything for their kids but mock another mum who does sex work so they can actually to do ‘whatever they can to support their kids’ is just a sad example of judgements escorts face. 


Escorts are just using the tools they have to make the most of the situation they’re in. I choose sex work because it is a great work/life balance and it gives me all the time I need to be there for my kids while they’re young. The money is good but the time is the ultimate dividend. 

Whether you agree with sex work or not, you need to understand any harsh judgements you have is a reflection of the insecurities within you. I challenge anyone who has an issue with it to explore the industry to understand it better without judgement. You might be surprised at how much you learn!

If you’re interested in finding out more on what it’s like to be intimate with me, please read my reviews on Scarlet BlueIvy Societe and Punter Planet. Another option is to just dive in and make that booking.