Since 2011, my escorting brand has been trusted, well reviewed and appreciated in Brisbane and Australia wide. So what’s it like escorting in your mid 30’s?

I have consistently delivered a service I am proud to put my name too. But I feel that I have improved due to my my age and general life experience. Keep reading to find out how;

In 2018, I did graduate University and I began climbing that corporate ladder. Strangely enough escorting is just like being in an office except I am naked and get to have the occasional orgasm. My work experience taught me that being a people’s person with the ability to read the room delivers positive results. It was my upfront communication style helped gain confidence and trust from others. Having these skills has greatly improved my performance as an escort as I am relatable and engaging.

Some of you might recall in 2020 I worked as a pregnant escort. I can honestly say that this experience taught me how to be more open and vulnerable. I had to trust my clients to care for my delicate belly. What I found was this gave me a new found ability to ‘disarm’ which improved my ability to connect intimately and be comfortable with being just my authentic self. It doesn’t mean I take risks on my safety or security, it just means that I build genuine connections from the minute we meet. Over time I have found that even my regular clients get more from me as our relationship deepens.

Finally, my corporate experience helps keep my business model professional and exceeding expectations. Anyone can be beautiful and give a good blow job. To stand out, I apply the same ‘system’ I used to attain corporate accounts to my bookings. Clients love my professional approach as they get what is advertised and promised! My booking system is clear, concise and logical. I get the business out of the way so we can focus on the fun!

Escorting in your mid 30’s is so much better than in your 20’s. I’m glad I stuck around (part-time) to experience it for myself. Part 2 of this topic will discuss how age has changed the my clientele and how we interact now I have more life experience. I’ll share some of the funny MILF stories in part 3!

If you’re interested in finding out more on what it’s like to be intimate with me, please read my reviews on Scarlet BlueIvy Societe and Punter Planet. Another option is to just dive in and make that booking.