It is safe to say that in 2015, no one got the question ‘where will you be in 5 year’s time?’ question right. Since 2020, we have faced so many world issues that I have lost count. Between fires, floods, wars and the ever-evolving covid-19, it is hard to believe it is only 2022 after what we’ve collectively gone through.

Pre-covid, travel and catching up with clients was completely fluid and fun. I distinctly recall being in Victoria on a date when the crisis was slowly unfolding online. I couldn’t believe some escorts were retreating to their houses and refusing to see anyone because of a flu from China!

Between 2020 and until recently, everything including going to a restaurant has changed. Nowadays you need to plan for disruption along the way for almost everything – it has been exhausting. Even the slightest sniffle has completely derailed my plans!

As the world opens up, I think it is important we return to the life we knew and loved. We need to live with the virus, not in fear of it. Even with all the adversity we seem to be facing, we need to live with it and enjoy this time. With this in mind, apart from having to show my vaccination card to premises to gain access, I am going to live a carefree covid free life. I will:

Be open to Australian and international travel requests.
Begin touring Australia and overseas again!!
Not request any information on your vaccination status (I never had to before, why this one?)
No one will need to do a RAT test (never did and never will)
No covid talk!! It will be ‘the flu season is bad this year’ comment and that is it!!

Life has to go forward. We can’t keep living a life of cancellations or cancelling on life. Look at Shane Warne, he was out living his best life when he died in Thailand!! When I heard this news, I was stoked he got one last overseas trip in as Thailand was the first of many trips, I had to cancel thanks to Covid. I am usually a trend setter, so if this sounds all foreign to you it is okay, you will be on my wave length in a year or so!! Until then, feel free to catch up with me to learn how the world without any covid worries lives. That is me – the girl living without covid worries ha ha.