People are shocked when they realize I live a pretty normal life. Don’t judge a book by the cover people. You just wouldn’t pick that in my spare time I sleep with men (and couples) for money and fun!!! It’s definitely a fun pastime.

Let me backtrack a little on how I got there… I did start out like many, I was studying and needed a flexible job to supplement my income (or lack-thereof). Having been a Brisbane escort for 10 years, I have obviously built up a brand, reputation and more importantly friendships. Yes, friendships with my beautiful clients. These people have been in my life and I in theirs for a decade people. That’s longer than most marriages!

As I progressed in my studies I soon graduated and went onto the follow a career with my clothes on. But I have never “retired” Kimber. Sure I have made myself ridiculously difficult to book and extremely low volume. But I am not appealing to the volume of clients.

Why keep her around you ask? Well, I think you only retire from something you don’t like. And let me tell you why I LOVE keeping Kimber around. Yes, I am speaking about myself AKA my work name as a third person. But I do that as the life she brings is nicely packaged up in all the fun things of life! I literally get paid to go to nice restaurants, hotels & even holidays. How lucky am I?

So what is different between these polar opposite worlds? Not a lot actually! Here’s my take. So the next time you ask an escort what she does, ask her what skills she has. She could teach you a thing or two inside and outside the boudoir.

What is the same in Escorting vs Real Life work?

  1. Time wasters – they exist in the real world too. But they are way worse! The more import they think are, the more they think their time is worth more than yours!!
  2. Making money – we’re all hustling to survive. Some just do it better than others. If you want something you need to know your worth and go for it. Nobody hands you shit. Hustle baby!!!
  3. Relationships – it’s human nature to be drawn to people who you click with. Nothing different here either. At the end of the day, you don’t need to be liked by everyone but you need to have likable traits and be a good communicator.

So what skills have I transferred from escorting to the real world?  Well ALOT actually. Here’s my few I will share;

  1. The ability to read a person/situation with my intuition/gut.
  2. Resourcefulness – oh how escorts have had to adapt to changing environments.
  3. Hard work – you literally give yourself to clients. I give myself to my job day in day out.
  4. Ling term vision – girls normally have to think long term about their world. Nothing is different here either.

So there you have it. A little sneak peak into the world of escorting vs real life brought to you by MWAH 💋