Forget relationship counselling, save your pennies, see an escort/escorts and get laid!

Physical connection AKA sex and intimacy is so important for the human body. It’s just as important as the emotional connection needed to commit. But, it amazes me, after 13 years of this business (I am only 31) I still meet client’s who have forgone their sexual needs to stay with the woman they love, now that’s commitment! But, humans aren’t saints, men need SEX. That’s where an escort comes into play…

Before you judge my clients for seeing me and slamming them as selfish cheating husbands. Try loving your wife/partner unconditionally and NOT having sex or intimacy for about 2 years. Why 2 years? That seems to be the time majority of my clients realised this wasn’t a ‘bad’ patch, it’s reality. The woman they love doesn’t want to give themselves sexually anymore. Not even a blow job. It breaks my heart to even write the last sentence.

Men who have endured a sexless marriage are a little bit broken. They LOVE their wife, their eyes light up when they speak about their gorgeous wife and children. Family is everything to them. But personally, they feel like less of a man for not doing what’s natural… Sex! The primal instinct to physically connect with the opposite sex electrifies your soul. The release you feel from sex is something self pleasure will never replace.

If you are a wife and you don’t have sex with your husband, than you need to read the five languages of love. Forget counselling to get your husband to ‘understand’ why you aren’t interested in sex anymore. Read the five languages of love, really read it and understand a relationship is give and take. And if you still don’t want to have sex with him, than my suggestion is to buy him time with an escort as a treat. I assure you, he’d rather have sex with you, but myself or another private escorts will be a suitable second to satisfy his need to have sex every once in a while.

Are private escorts a suitable antidote for a sexless marriage? I certainly think so. Love to hear your thoughts on twitter..