I am sure it comes to no surprise to anyone who has met me that I have a LOVE affair with the Gold Coast. The best part about being an independent Australian private escort is that I can advertise as Gold Coast private escort anytime I wish to spend more time in this beloved city.

I especially love it because it combines all my loves into one city. It’s got the beach, fitness, glamour, day spas, adrenaline experiences, shopping, resorts and it’s even becoming a foodie haven. In fact, Gold Coast is becoming my preferred destination for Lunch or dinner dates since it’s so close to my Brisbane base. It even has ample options for my Kimbercation packages too.

Most people who judge the GC on what ¬†Surfers Paradise offer are at a loss as to why I love this sunny destination. I totally agree, parts of Surfers Paradise are tacky tasteless and crap! My advise to these people is that you MUST know a local with style to enjoy what the GC has to offer. Sure, everyone knows Broadbeach is better than surfers paradise, but there is more to the Gold Coast than either of these two tourist glitter strips. My list for date ideas on the Gold Coast is endless and all dependent on what type of experience you are after. I even come with hotel recommendations and I certainly won’t be suggesting the hot tourist spots everyone knows unless you want to be apart of that scene too.

As we head into summer and the end of 2017, there is no better time to treat yourself to a beautiful holiday and maybe even a date with me. If the Gold Coast has not wowed you in the past, I promise to show you all what the Gold Coast has to offer through the eyes of a woman who adores the Goldy.

Kimber Slone

Gold Coast hinterland