I am one of the rare people who create zero scar tissue so my enhanced boobs look and feel real. Some clients are surprised when I correct them on assuming I have real breasts. They assume they’re real as my cleavage sits like real boobs and they’re soft. They’re definitely bought, not grown!  Not lucky, just had a few surgeries to get the result I wanted. 

Personally I wish implants were like a dress and I could change the type I have as I love big, small, real and fake. I would like a pair to change into for every occasion. 

Aesthetically, we all stare at ‘big’ boobs. Most men can’t tell if they’re real or fake. But they have strong opinions on what they prefer. 

Mine are big enough to notice but still small enough to go braless so it’s interesting to observe a men’s eye movement and how long they’re willing to linger at my chest area in public. I wonder what they’re thinking while doing it or if they even know they are staring. 

In the bedroom, my experience assumes women with real ones have the best arousal opportunities as they have no nerve damage from surgery. I get nothing out of nipple play. 

The only joy I get from my fake boobs during sex is knowing my breasts are turning my mate on while he watches my breasts bounce around in various positions. One of the things I do enjoy is the Spanish because they’re squishy enough but the implant adds pressure to a man’s joystick’ to reach a climax. 

I think fashion celebrates small boobs and clothing looks more chic on smaller boobs. If larger breasted women wear the same plunging neckline or spaghetti straps, our boobs are on display. Which is fine to me but still not acceptable for certain occasions. Same dress, different acceptance levels because of body shape. How strange! 

I believe the beauty of women lies in the differences we have no matter what type of boobs they have. Personally I love all women but I know men have preferences. I guess that is why there are so many beautiful escorts to choose from. They have the choice to enjoy their type. 

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