I consider myself an extremely fortunate Brisbane escort who works as a travel companion throughout Australia and internationally by invitation. As a well travelled luxury companion, I am often asked what makes the best type of holiday to take an escort? Or what is my favourite city to visit?

Truthfully? There isn’t one type of holiday that is better than another to experience with your travel companion. The true essence of a magical experience lies within the memories two people create together. Some of the best little #Kimbercations I have been invited to were in Noosa, Byron, Tamborine Mountain or on the Gold Coast. These are all a short drive from my front door step.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that International destinations are not amazing. They certainly are. Anything involving another country is a bucket list worthy trip and we only live once don’t we?

My Kimbercation packages have allowed me to party the night away on the glitter strip itself AKA Vegas. We partied the night away until 9am. We met the craziest people and quite honestly, we could have ended up in the ER with how we were drinking! I needed a week to recover from that 3 night trip but it was totally worth is as Vegas as a hangover van to fix your hangovers. I experienced that also!

Then there is that time I went Scuba Diving in the Philippines with the most exotic creatures. An experience I will never forget. Boracay is on my list of places to visit in the Philippines because of this amazing experience. While Manila is nothing to talk about, the Islands are simply sensational. I got to feed Whale Sharks, how many people can say they were swimming with Whale Sharks and feeding them?

I had my own Butler in Bali and the experience was nothing like I had ever experienced in Bali before, it was seven star and sensational. I missed my butler, still do.

I have been to Queenstown multiple times snow skiing and I still can’t believe this stunning destination is only a few hours flight away. It was as pretty as I would imagine Switzerland to be. Just not as cold and not as far away.

All of these are out of this world bucket list worthy experiences. I count myself lucky to be invited to anyone of them. I can’t list all my holidays because there are just to many to list. I can’t rate my holidays during my time as a travel companion escort because they have all been amazing in their own special way.

But the one thing I can say is that the best holiday destination has nice food, a comfy bed/hotel & two people who are wanting to make the most out of all the experiences on offer at their chosen desitnation. I cannot list the possibilities of where these dates can be because there are just to many on offer. ┬áNo matter where the destination is. There is a perfect Kimbercation destination to suit you, me and the memories you want to last forever. ┬áLife is what you make of it and we only live once…