So I thought I would touch on why clients should respect an escorts privacy. This is especially valid for a client who regularly sees an escort or anyone who might know an escort outside of the adult industry. Alternatively, if you suspect your friend is an escort and they haven’t shared it with you – you really need to read this to understand why we keep our work private. I currently know many escorts who have had their privacy breached by friends, relatives and clients. It’s really quite concerning. This is a private industry and something I like to keep discreet. I am not open about what it is I do, even to people who know. I still think everything I say applies to escorts who are more public or open than me.


Respect your escort if she shares something personal or private: 

If your escort shares any personal information with you, anything at all, please ensure you respect her by not discussing this with anyone else.  I am certain that if you wanted to know something, the best way to find out is ask or if it’s something personal, respect her enough and not ask at all. Surely there are plenty more things to talk about. Speaking from my personal experience, I share so much of my private life with regular client but there is always things I keep to myself. Why? I am completely entitled to have a private life & the parts I keep private have absolutely no impact on our time together. So why would I share something that I prefer to be kept private.

Searching escorts private details on the internet:

This day and age you can find practically anything on the internet. Also, with the way we all use social media these days, you might be tempted to see your escorts private social media account.  Please do not think that the availability of information on the internet is an open invitation to search for your escorts private details. Simply ignore and move on. It is important to show that you are a respectful client and you know how to respect boundaries. An escorts privacy is one of those boundaries.


One last thing…. 

I think it’s important to understand that a client/escort relationship is a massive trust game. I am trusted to not reveal your secrets and you are the exact same to me. I think all escorts can relate on some level when they feel a little violated if a client uses the internet or other sources to uncover more information that hasn’t been shared. Please, whatever you do, please be respectful and trustworthy client who appreciates and respects their escorts personal life. I personally do not search my clients on the internet and would appreciate the same mutual respect.


I decided to touch on this as I have recently had an issue, also because my escort friends have recently encountered similar issues.  An escorts privacy  needs to be a standard respectful practice among clients. I have known escorts to shut their working brand down as clients have overstepped the line. If your reading this, please take it on board and respect your escorts private life. As a private escort, I share so much with my long term clients, but that isn’t an invitation to uncover more than what I feel comfortable sharing.