I have been a Gold Coast escort and Brisbane escort since 2011. Prior to this, I was involved in the adult industry within various sectors.

I feel the need to raise this issue before the lines are completely blurred by a few negligent escorts. ┬áSome of you will hate me for doing this and try to justify why your circumstances are different. Why it’s okay with some and not others. Ultimately, it is our duty of care as escorts is to practise safe sex with everyone. This even applies to our personal life if we are have multiple partners.

Let’s put the natural oral debate aside because it doesn’t matter what side of the fence you sit on, there is definitely no justification for natural sex!!!

If you’re an escort offering natural sex to ‘special’ regulars or selling it to make bank,you are negatively affecting the adult industry. The health risks are obvious, but what isn’t obvious to some is how your decision impacts this industry. Client’s will begin to expect natural sex and anyone who is a sex worker or has seen a sex worker is now at risk of disease. Sit there and think about that for a second.

What pisses me off is that the escorts that are considered ‘reputable’ are doing this. When your a leader in any industry, you need to understand that your immoral choices will influence others to do the same. And when your a leader in this industry, clients will automatically use your status as a bargaining power to get natural sex off a new escort whom aspires to be successful one day.

I have had the same regulars for 8 years!! Never have I offered or accepted this type of booking request. I will automatically cancel the booking and no refund is given if there is even a whisper of you wanting or insinuating that you’re after natural sex at any stage of the booking process. My health is more important than money.

As for clients requesting it or accepting these type of ‘arrangements’. You disgust me. If he/she is offering it or accepting your offer, she’s accepting others. Don’t think for a minute that you’re the only one. Check your ego for a second, you’re not that special. Nobody is.

Ultimately, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed. We need to understand that as escorts, we have a duty of care to provide safe sex.