It’s no surprise that a lot of couples are in a sexless marriage. I mean, look at the escort industry; it’s literally bursting at the seems with gorgeous women selling sex. For the record, none of the private escorts I know are destitute or quiet. Business is busy.

Are you in a sexless marriage? Have you have thought of either seeking our an affair or booking an escort? Well, I am here to tell you that booking an escort is by far the safest option if you are in a sexless marriage and  want to remain married.

Now I understand that some women out there are going to be offended by this blog. But I want to assure you that I am not encouraging married men to cheat. I have enough clients, I don’t need to solicit clients. I will also never lead a single or married client on to think there is something more than our paid experience.

Its not part of my job description to be faithful to your marriage. I offer a SEXUAL SERVICE to feed the human need to receive intimacy and/or sexual pleasure. I  don’t make love or want to make love to your husband. When our time is up, I send him home (hopefully happier) so he can enjoy his life, with his family.

Why is an escort the better option over an affair? I am a private escort and if I were in the habit of falling in love with my clients, I wouldn’t be a very good escort. Now would I. I am a business woman and your husband is my customer.

Women who end up having an affair with married men don’t intentionally set out to do it. They are looking for LOVE, and your husband caught her eye. Or he caught her eye, made the first move and led that woman to believe LOVE was available. That’s the most obvious difference, escorts are providing a sexual service for a fee. A woman in an affair is ultimately after something money can’t buy… love. I don’t want love, I am grateful for a thank you and my hourly fee. 🙂

When your husband is seeking out escorts to please himself sexually, he only has one thing on his mind, and it’s not to fall in love. He is already in love and it’s with his beautiful wife. Women always get so upset when they hear a man is sleeping with an escort for all the wrong reasons. Why? Because women view sex as a form of LOVE. If it’s a form of love, why aren’t you having sex with him? I can assure you, your husband just needed sex. And If he’s not getting sex at home, he will be looking elsewhere.

I get along with most people and some of my favourite clients are married. Please don’t view this as a threat to your marriage. I actually have a little nickname for my married clients, I call them ‘house trained’.

When I am not having sex with married clients, I am often listening to all his complaints or wonderful stories about with wife and children. On occasion, I may even offer advise. And let me tell you, I am the first to tell your husband if he’s being selfish. I am a naturally bossy person, so you might be surprised to hear that I am usually ordering your husband to go home and give you a massage, put a load of laundry on, do some child minding, take you out on a date or buy you a gift. I always finish with “Let me know if you get any sex now”.

And if your a wife that has sex with your husband, but isn’t prepared to be a ‘little’ naughty. I am usually giving him tips on how to get you to be sexually adventurous. How to encourage you to let your hair down as your husband want’s to be naughty with you, not me. We all have a little slutty in us, it’s time to give your husband a  piece of that.

For the record, all of my married clients speak so beautifully about their partners. They always say such lovely things. Most of my clients are happily married. And for the clients that aren’t, it’s just a matter of time before the divorce is lodged or you start sleeping in separate parts of the house.

If your married and in a sexless marriage, please don’t have an affair. It’s heart wrenching to go through and affairs often create more drama than it’s worth. If sex is the only thing missing in your wonderful life, just visit an escort. When you see an escort, you book the time you desire and you leave. No strings attached, and certainly no emotion.

Hope you enjoyed my blog xxx