On a recent travel companion escort booking (kimbercation) to Melbourne, my date treated me to an impromptu lunch at the Melbourne restaurant called Aru. The only seating left was at the bar in front of the head chef. 

Now I am a BIG foodie, so I didn’t mind this seating. The closeness allowed my date and I to chat to the head chef about all the delicious meals he was serving up. One of the meals that caught my eye was the chicken. The chef said it was his go to dish and he highly recommended it. He then proudly mentioned that his restaurant only buys size 12 chickens. 

I sharply responded with “Well, I’m a size 12 woman, I must try it on for size”. We all had a little giggle as we realised how silly it was to refer to a chicken’s quality based on its ‘size’. 

This got me thinking, does size matter? I don’t advertise my dress size as I can literally range from a size 10- 14 depending on the style, designer and fit. If a client wants to buy me a dress, I prefer that we go shopping together so I can try it on and decide what size I like best on my shape together. 

Never have I ever (or will ever) advertise my weight. I am still amazed when escorts advertise their weight like it somehow matters. My weight is a non-event unless we’re parachuting out of a plane. If my client is fragile and has a ‘load bearing’ limit, I’ll gladly share my weight for safety reasons. 

If I am being honest, I love all shapes and sizes. There is no one size fits all that defines a woman’s beauty and the vast selection of beautifully escorts is a reflection of this. I find a slim silhouette striking in clothes. They are so fashionable. Although a classic voluptuous woman (Ana Cheri is my dream girl)  has my gaze for a little longer because I am imagining their juicy curves naked.

Ultimately, I don’t believe it’s the size of a woman that we’re attracted to; it’s her shape, style, personality and aura. Size or weight is irrelevant. 

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