I have discussed the topic of the escort industry being a business like every other on numerous occasions. This is not because I am crazy busy or a heartless escort. It’s quite the opposite. Escorts sell sex, love and intimacy. Regardless if some don’t see that as a profession, it is the only way to approach this. Otherwise, escorts are simply sugar babes, paid dates, casual hook ups or girlfriends sites with dollar signs attached.  If it’s not treated as a business, the lines can become blurred very quickly for both escort and client and this is dangerous territory and an emotional roller coaster. It is only fair that the escort industry use social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat for promotion and a further way to connect with clients. These are brilliant tools for escorts wanting to connect quickly to their client base. But is this a double edged sword? Is this making escorts to accessible? Blurring the lines per se?

Business’s use social media to connect with their audience’s by the masses. It’s quick, its effective and it keeps your brand in the forefront of your client’s mind. When used properly, it’s the most effective marketing tool your business will have. The personal use of social media is make you feel connected. Our world is so busy, that we use media to feel connected to those around us.  I understand that there are functions that allow for chit chat and I am quite chatty to clients I know. But the expectation of this (even client’s I know) is where I draw the line. My purpose for social media is in a business sense. We can’t forget escorting is a business.

In my experience, you soon realise that your time is best spent with paying clients (regulars), administration or personal development. Social media is a tool for promotion, so it fits nicely under the administration part of running an escorting business. As an escort who has worked successfully for many years, I know it is very important to invest back into yourself so you have bountiful of love and energy to give to your clients. Giving every moment you have to client’s will be of detriment to your business and you may suffer burnout. Its so important to have interests and contacts outside of sex work to feed your soul.  I ensure I have a happy balance so I am refreshed for my clients. Full details should be left for another blog, but it needs to be noted for this topic.

Personally, I love social media, but I choose not to converse online with followers often. It’s mostly that I will like the comment if it’s a lovely comment. I occasionally converse with the ladies. Ultimately, my goal  when sharing a post is to give my audience a glimpse into my world. The clients that do book and see me regularly realise there is far more to me than what I choose to share online, but all agree I give a true representation of who I am online.

I am a woman of substance. I want to capture your interest and keep it there without giving it all away online. Ultimately, I want prosepctive clients to make the leap and book me without knowing everything about me. Keep a little mystery and excitement. I like to reserve a piece of myself for the client’s who invest into me by booking me.

A topic I must make mention of whenever discussing social media is this one. One thing I dislike about escorting is the amount of time wasters we have to deal with. I like to think of time wasters as cockroaches. Unfortunately, just like cockroaches, time wasters will never leave the escorting industry. To manage time wasters, you just need protocols and boundaries. Without boundaries, protocols or procedure, your time can be wasted. My time is my most valuable commodity.

Social media is like the mecca platform for time wasters. Social media gives time wasters access to total babes online every second of the day. What more could you want. Unfortunately, I can’t tell who is a genuine client and who is not. Trust me, I have tried and have many stories where I have been totally duped. So I choose to not engage online unless I know you. My motto is, I post enough online to give you a taste of what I am like. If you need more, book me to find out. Than we can get to know each other in person and way more intimately than social media will provide.

DISCLAIMER: The above information are not facts even if they are represented that way. They are my opinions based on my observation and experience in the escort industry and other service industries.