Unexpected Sightseeing in Brisbane


Most of my Brisbane escort associates and Brisbane city clients know that I am happy to chauffeur them around on dates and nights out. So long as it’s not to far out of my way, I will offer to help a person out. I am still not sure why I even offer as I am the worst driver around Brisbane as I don’t know where I am going. I am from the Gold Coast and there are far to many highways in Brisbane. My GPS and Google Maps get a workout!

The pure optimist in me thinks the best part about getting lost in Brisbane is that I get to see and experience new parts of Brisbane. Well tonight I got to see how vibrant Paddington is at night and how amazing the views are near Mount Cootha are. Brisbane city is truly magical on a clear winters night. I really don’t know how I find myself so far off the designated track but as I always say “It’s the journey, not the destination”.

After tonight, I certainly know that I will ensure one of my dinner dates in Brisbane will be spent in Paddington or near Mount Cootha. Maybe both! The optimist in me things that if I didn’t find myself in this predicament, I would not have come up with this amazing idea for an late afternoon date. So romantic and I will be able to spoil a special client with a wonderful intimate and low key night out.

Being a Brisbane escort is certainly interesting when your lucky enough to accompany wonderful gentleman on romantic dates.