Kimber hates talking business, so here are a few vitals on the before contacting her.


  • Contact: Via email ONLY. Please include a short intro about you & booking info.
  • Deposits: Are per terms and conditions.
  • Availability: Kimber is available by appointment 1-2 times per week. Advanced bookings are VITAL.
  • Last-minute availability: No same day bookings unless advertised as available now on Twitter or Scarlet Blue.
  • Short 30 min bookings: Only on offer for tours.
  • Genuine couples: Welcomed! Same rates apply. Enquire
  • Payment: Kimber accepts cash and bank deposit.
  • Extras: A dirty word in Kimber land.



  • No bargaining and bartering. I CHOOSE to work, I don’t have to.
  • No natural sex. I like my life and would like to live without AIDS.
  • No deposit = no booking.

Availability Schedule