I have kept the same pricing structure for sometime now. I have not seen a reason to increase my fees and I like that I am an affordable treat to most. Recently, I have been deterred to tour due to the increased touring costs, lack of consistency between tours and the volume of work I have to take on to make a worthwhile return while on tour.

I am now prepared to tour more often with my increased rates and see this as a win-win for all. You see, I my branding is personable, exclusive and low volume. Touring confused me as I was going against the very essence that ‘Kimber’ is known for by HAVING to take on more bookings than I wanted too. Now my touring clients can be guaranteed to get what I promise and I am known for.

Similarly, the cost of taking appointments in the South East Queensland is considerably lower and therefore, my fees can remain the same for my home town bookings. I am able to maintain 1-2 bookings each week in Brisbane and stay true to my branding. Which is, low volume, exclusive but personable. The bonus of this is that my interstate clients will also be able to book me under these rates also when they are paying for the hotel and flight costs. See, it really is a win-win for all.

On a side note, touring is extremely expensive and requires a considerable commitment time wise. I adore touring but I have felt of late that clients abuse the fact that I am on tour and may ‘need’ the cash. You get low ball offers or no notice for the booking request.  Mark my words, if I have chosen to tour, I have done my budget and will not compromise my standards for cash. So don’t barter, bargain or be disrespectful by not pre-planning hoping you will skip the deposit process. You won’t and your request will be denied.