I was asked by a client why gent’s see one escort regularly or why seeing a new escort every time is an option for some. Well the truth is, each client has a different objective and cannot be compared. I enjoy both types of clients but the booking is always so vastly different with a regular than a one time thing. Like tonight for example, just when I think I know my regular client’s bedroom skills, he surprises me with raw passion and lust just came over us both. It’s not something I can explain, you just have to experience it for yourself.

I call clients who see a new escort every time a serial punter. These serial punters are the ones that view all bookings like love conquests. They must continue to add ‘notches’ to their belt by seeing every single escort available or touring to his town. Heck, some business men try to accomplish the entire Australian escort pool. Or they go broke trying…. They practically pay to be a male slut. They leave no rock unturned….

Then there are clients who simply aren’t interested in seeing anymore than 1 or a few escorts in their punting lifetime. I find my regular clients are seeking something more than sex. The regular client is seeking the familiarity of a person that not only provides great sex, they provide the genuine girlfriend experience. Tonight really did make this article come together, I can’t explain the rawness you can uncover in me when I am in the arms of someone I trust and feel comfortable with. Best word is to explain that it’s just like a girlfriend feels when she is with her lover.

The perks of being a regular client is that I always invest more time into my regular clients. I am prepared to reschedule an important date just so I can make my regular clients birthday! I try to leave no rock unturned in our sexual conquests, we always find ways to ignite our sexual encounters. Granted, not all the time as sometimes we enjoy the routine of familiarity that mimics a genuine girlfriend experience. I also find that my regular clients enjoy this as they are looking for something more personal and I am happy to provide this. I guess that is the perks of being a regular client, you get plenty more time and attention and the true value lies in the quality of the relationship you are investing into.

Thank you to all the gents that have supported me and been the most amazing clients I could have ever hoped for. Sometimes I go home from bookings (like tonight) and just feel so damn lucky to be your escort, lover, companion, girlfriend. Whatever you call it, I am yours (insert smiley face emoji).