Couple Bookings.

Last night I had the most sacred and special request an escort can ever be asked to do. I was invited into the world of sensuality with a loving couple. Now gents, I know your reading this and thinking “Why is my wife not booking Kimber Slone for me?”

Well, there are a few things that need to be in order before you can even think of embarking on this very sacred journey. What prompted me to write this blog was because the couple I saw last night had everything I am about to list and more. So well done to them, they have a successful relationship that can enjoy erotic encounters with an escort.

If you would like to entice your girlfriend to embark on a sexual journey and an escort for your next birthday present or any special occasion with your loving partner. Listen up…

Know how to turn your lover on:

I don’t have any shortcuts, this takes a lot of work gents. You need to please your woman in bed and you both of you have to enjoy each other 100% before you ever think of booking an escort for a couple’s booking. The cold hard truth is, not every woman is interested in booking an escort. This is something you have to learn to live with. Many escorts including myself offer bisexual doubles – I can pretend to be the Mrs for the night if your in a relationship where the woman is not interested in partaking in a couple’s booking.

The couple I saw last night had what it takes, they knew what each other liked, they were professionals in their own right. They set out to fulfil their fantasy and we hit it out of the ball park together.

Set your boundaries are rules before the booking:

I love it when I know I am dealing with a couple that know what they are happy with and are not happy with. I ask lots of questions and I am always hoping to extract my couple’s expectations so I can deliver their fantasy. Please ensure you discuss in detail with your partner about your fears and desires and make sure you relay them to me. I know this might come as a surprise, but I am not a mind reader and I can’t always preempt or read your body language to deliver a result. I know I sound like doctor Phil, but communication it KEY!

Make a night of it:

A booking with an escort is a night you will never forget as a couple. Your couple’s booking is as special to me as it is to you. But please ensure you book a beautiful dinner, enjoy something nice to drink and relish the time before and after our booking. Half the fun is probably discussing the night in detail and reliving the fantasy over and over again.

Take the pressure off yourself:

My couple booking last night went amazingly well. My couple requested a special fantasy and we all enjoyed playing our parts. However, sometimes nerves get the better of guys and gals. Climax is amazing but not always achieved in a couples booking. Why? Someone new is in the bedroom with you and your not quite used to me. I am a professional so I will ensure you leave happy and sexually satisfied. But I cannot control a climax. Take the pressure off each other and enjoy the sexual journey together… Trust me – there is a lot more fun to be had then just orgasms.

Make sure your on the SAME page: 

Ladies, if your reading this. I am a service provider and I am no threat to your relationship ever. I mean this, so don’t take it all so seriously and enjoy the time we both can create for your amazing man. He will thank you for it so much….

Gents, never ever ever book an escort with your wife or girlfriend unless she genuinely wants to enjoy this experience. I honestly don’t get paid enough (I know I said it) to be in between a lovers quarrel or have to spend time with a couple who aren’t enjoying themselves. It’s not enjoyable and I would rather not be apart of it.

Don’t take what you look like to seriously:

I am a normal girl with scars, cellulite and wrinkles. No one in this world is perfect! Certainly not me. So please don’t get to caught up in what you look like or compare yourself to my images. If your not feeling like any bisexual experience (let me know on the night) I assure you, we can still make an amazing night of your couple booking. I know a few tricks and your man will love you for it.

If you can Just do one thing, enjoy getting ready, have a glass of bubbles and enjoy a nice dinner out with your man. When I arrive you will realise I am just a girl looking to have fun tonight with an amazing couple… Nothing else matters!

By the time I leave you will be smiling and basking in the after sex glory. Hopefully reliving the story of when you booked an escort at your 50th wedding anniversary! You naughty minx xxx

Thanks to the amazing couple, you were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Everything was amazing and I don’t normally give up my scared Sunday night, but you were 100% worth it. Thanks again xx