Life as an escort certainly has its ups and downs but one thing that remains the same is that I give a lot of life’s pleasures. Sure, there is lots of sex and orgasms and that will always be the main draw card. But one thing I am noticing is that a lot of long-term punters are looking for long-term arrangements/relationships. There has always been the regular punter. But there is a new form of client emerging and that is a client seeking more than just sex.

The general consensus is that having sex with someone familiar is more rewarding than seeking out a new girl every single time.

For those that know me personally would know that once I have observed something I want to know more and so a main topic of mine during my recent bookings is what else are you seeing me for?

Here are some interesting reasons why my client’s have chosen to continue to see me over the many years:

  • Confidence to explore things sexually.
  • Mimics are real relationship until they are ready to date again.
  • Company while they enjoy sharing life’s pleasures with me.
  • Relationship advice.
  • Learning to trust another person again.
  • Chance to work on one’s character flaws in a safe environment where they won’t be judged.
  • Improving a person’s ability to communicate and be a better person.

So the general consensus is that it isn’t my toned figure or bedroom skills people are looking for. Well, not technically. My body, boobs and bedroom skills are what they are knocking on my door for. But ultimately they want someone that treats them with respect and is perceptive enough to identify the underlying reason they are coming to see me.

The business of pleasure just got a little more meaningful. I think I will name it the business of relationships….

Kimber Slone Brisbane and Gold Coast Escort


Kimber Slone