Escort Portfolio

This week I updated my escort portfolio with the very talented escort photographer Danial Gowans. I found a wonderful mansion location based on the Glimmering Gold Coast waters. I was lucky enough to share the costs of this extravagant location with two beautiful Brisbane escorts, Marcella Romaine and Taylor Benson.

I just want to share with you the effort escorts go through for their escort advertising images. I have spent months shopping and brain storming on how to achieve the look I wanted to present for 2016. I even stressed about loosing extra weight to look that much better. Albeit, I gave that up quickly as I like to portray the curves I have correctly and maintain a healthy attitude with food and exercise. All the escorts shooting today have endured a VERY long day commuting from the Make Up Artists location to the photoshoot location and than back home to Brisbane again. Not to mention the photographer commuted from Sydney exclusively for our shoot. I am not complaining, I am just sharing the unglamorous side of escort portfolio’s so you can hopefully appreciate the images that little bit more.

Talking to other escorts, they equally endure the same pressures to deliver magnificent escort images. Sydney escorts pay huge dollars for location shoots. They also seem to shoot a whole lot more than I ever would. It is seriously a mission and I respect escorts so much for putting so much effort into their escort portfolio’s. Sharing the location with two beautiful Brisbane escorts was not only fun, it was the affordable option. I would definitely seek out this option again as it was really enjoyable. The only thing I think we should have stayed and made a night out of the whole experience! Always next time.

Back to some of the unglamorous parts of shooting. The provocative poses have left me with soreness felt after I run a triathlon. Oh my! Posing is like a solid workout, especially as Danial Gowans finds the right angle/lighting to make the image sparkle. This is the first time I got to witness other escorts posing for the camera and might I just say it was an incredible experience. Posing is an art form and I am simply in awe of Taylor Benson and Marcella Romaine’s posing skills. Both ladies photoshoots were stunning and we all managed to shoot so differently while using the same photographer and location. However, I didn’t doubt it for a second as Danial Gowan’s has always been able to capture every girl’s beauty in a different light from the next. Nothing is stock standard with Danial Gowans. 

Yes it was my choice to put my best foot forward and no one is making me go to these lengths for my escort portfolio. However, to attract the right clients, you really need to invest back into your business and this means investing into your photoshoot. I don’t portray anything but who I am and I don’t hide what I look like as I am always uploading images of me on my website or twitter page which reflect my beautiful flaws. You get to see the real me! But naturally, my escort images are polished to portray and attract the right clientele for my escort business. Before the critics jump in, I upload the RAW images on my twitter before I display the polished images so you can see the editing done, which isn’t much, it’s just enough to give me that finished product. Anyone that has worked with Danial knows he isn’t into overly airbrushing his images and it’s evident with his photography skills, he doesn’t need to. 

So there you have it, another part of the escorting world you probably weren’t really aware of. The effort we go to for our images is certainly blog worthy and I haven’t even mentioned all the things that went wrong for this shoot. I don’t like making my blogs about negative experiences but this is a little insight into the effort made by both the escort and photographer to deliver beautiful escort images.