WELCOkimber-slone-51-1024x752ME TO KIMBER’S HUB!

Welcome to my new WEBSITE!. Just want to say a HUGE thank you to the team behind building and maintinaing my amazing new escort website. Over the next few months I will be looking at what else I need to build to keep my customers happy. So please let me know what your thoughts are! This will be my way of communicating my availability, new pricing and the odd selfie for the non-twitter users.




When I built my first escort website, I never understood the purpose of an escort website since my business is so personal and the vast majority of my regular clients just text me to find something out or they see my updated advert on the various advertising platforms I market with. Than came twitter, and I just tweeted my availability, selfies etc. But these are just tools to my business, and I misunderstood what Social Media, Advertising Platforms etc are designed to do. Don’t get me wrong, they are all extremely helpful and I will continue investing and using advertising platforms and tweeting as it’s FUN and very useful to my escorting business. But I will now start using my escort website as my communication tool regarding new images, selfies, availability updates etc to my clients and prospective clients. So if you want to know something, you can now come to my website www.kimbersloneescort.com to find out. Oh and I am still not against a good old fashioned phone call is fine if your allergic to the WWW world we live in… I am only ever a SMS or email away… Just contact me to find out more.


I will be updating my availability and selfie gallery regularly. I will tweet when I make an update etc. I will also be blogging at least once a week and I will mainly be blogging about topics of interest to clients or about my personal world. So feel free to touch base to give me topics to discuss!


I am based in Brisbane and travel frequently to the Gold Coast, my main focus will be my clients who are based or plan to visit Brisbane or the Gold Coast. I do frequently travel interstate, I am a foodie so Melbourne and Sydney will be a regular on my touring agenda (A girl has got to eat!) and I welcome anyone interstate wishing to have me travel down exclusively for our date together.

At this stage, no plans to visit Perth, Darwin or Adelaide. But feel free to touch base and give me a reason to come visit you. I do enjoy embarking on a new adventure. Entice me….

I am yet to unveil my International touring plans, but they are definitely on the cards, you will just need to keep popping back to my website to find out more….

As usual, I am about lifestyle and keeping a work/life balance. So I will only want to travel to a place that is interesting and filed with nice people. If I travelled just for work – I would die of boredom… No jokes!


I have a Subscriber section, please subscribe to me and you will be updated as soon as I make a change etc.

If you like to see what I am doing on a day to day basis, twitter is a great tool for that so please follow @SloneKimber

I have this thing called a mobile, I receive SMS’s and emails on it. It’s awesome. Just touch base anytime.

Thanks again for reading


Kimber Slone