Well, I have been having a pretty average time in life at the moment. But the one thing that remains positive is my escort work. I am really happy when I am with my clients escaping my entire world where I have to be responsible for so many things. When I get to escape for two entire days! It’s absolute bliss. Escort work is really good to me and I am grateful for it. I am sure my clients can relate to the magic that happens in a booking where your forced to relinquish the control and just live in the moment for an hour, night or weekend. It really is a little piece of heaven.

Sometimes I wish I were happy to accept an average person’s dreams, but I am not. I want it all and I am prepared to go through the tough times to gain the positives I know I deserve. But I will say that I am hugely grateful for the life I have created. Because without the few people I know I can rely on and the amazing dates I am spoilt with, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So thank you to each and everyone of you. And although we may only spend a moment together, that moment carries on into my world for a long time afterwards. Thank you!!!!

See, I feel better already. Smiling and all happy now thinking of all the memories of my amazing dates and beautiful friends. Good night xx

Kimber Slone xx