Thanks to the 10,0000 twitter followers.

I just wanted to write a quick note to say a BIG thank you to each and every one of my twitter followers. I can’t believe that in 2.5 years of promoting my escort services through twitter I made 10K twitter followers without posting a single sex scene. And no, I didn’t purchase any of my twitter followers. You all just want to see me and that’s pretty cool.

When I first came into the private escort industry mid 2011 as a Brisbane private escort, twitter wasn’t popular. It existed but I wasn’t apart of it. I was a very private person and I hadn’t quite grasped that my phone is  the most important tool to run my escorting business in more ways than just emails and text messages.

You know what’s funny, I actually recall a regular client jokingly saying that I should join as I would no doubt be an entertaining person to follow. I asked him why he thought that and his exact words were “Your just so random”. He clearly hadn’t paid attention to my not so cool choice of phone. (FYI – I am now an Apple girl through and through, I can’t live without my iPhone, my phone choices are in line with my business tech now).

I ended up joining twitter late 2013. It was interesting & insightful to see what other escorts are up to. It was a nice feeling to support one another and connect on another level – I have made genuine friendships with other escorts through twitter. Which is really nice and I am thankful for twitter as a social media platform for the escorting industry.

I do find twitter really interesting, everyone is different in how they use twitter. I personally don’t feel comfortable putting up X rated images or porn scenes like other escorts do. The most I have put up are nude images – and even that is more implied nude than full frontal.  I find it isn’t my market and my clients like that I use twitter as a way to showcase my likes, hobbies, sense of humour, personality and the little things that make me unique and interesting.

I now encourage all my new clients to follow my twitter or at least have a sneaky peek inside to see what I get up to on a weekly basis. I am a pretty normal girl and I really like to show new clients this so they feel comfortable seeing me before they physically meet me.

Something everyone should be aware of is my view point on twitter trolls.  I see some posts and I think “didn’t your mother ever teach you, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. To me, social media highlights the fact that people can be so one sided with their viewpoints and tend to forget that we can agree to disagree and still remain on talking terms. I have learnt to use the block button for this very reason – it’s just easier to delete people digitally than try to reason with the unreasonable.

One last thing, I have had new escorts approach me to discuss that they get the feeling it’s essential to post up explicit photos in order to get likes, retweets or bookings. I always point out that every escort is different and it pays to be different.  I just want to add that twitter is a marketing tool to market YOU! If your not comfortable doing this or find it’s not quite attracting the clients you want to attract, stop doing it. This is the beauty of being an escort. We can choose how and who we market to through a variety of platforms including twitter. Your twitter should match your advertising marketing material.

All what is said is just my two cents and It’s my opinion which is based on my experience, it’s not fact.